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Packaging Solutions

Product Rework and Kit Assembly

Product rework can involve any one of a variety of processes required to have your product conform to your specifications or to Australian Standards. Quite often imported products do not meet your specifications due to errors or parallel importing.
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Product rework solutions you can count on

Our Product Rework and Kit Assembly experience counts

We have experience with shrink wrapping, over labelling, gift boxing, shelf ready displays and retail packaging. We have over 50 years of history working with large companies throughout the various retail chains in Australia.

Outsourcing your product rework and kit assembly requirements

Whether it’s a short turnaround promotional item, regular FMCG production lines or whatever your packaging needs, our flexible and efficient team is here to help.

Product Rework

Product reworking can often be labour intensive but at Hoxton we have a flexible workforce that can quickly gear up for whatever your product rework requirements may be – kit assembly, over-labelling barcodes or nutritional information panels, weight-checking bags or quality inspecting your product for supplier returns.

Our product reworking services are used by a number of industries including hardware, electronics, food, toys and pharmaceuticals.

Kit Assembly

Kit assembly or kit packaging refers to putting together various components in a sealed and packed container for customer sales outlets or for consumer usage.

Hoxton provide various types of kit assembly including promotional kits, retail kits, retail packs, show bags, hardware kits, electronic kits and retail display stand assemblies.

Our years of experience means we can deliver your job in full and on time. Our success at meeting deadlines is unparalleled in the industry and we pride ourselves on our team of professional employees who are dedicated to providing impeccable packaging services. Our kit assembly team can save you time and money by handling your needs at our facilities.

When you partner with us, you are partnering with a company whose service exceeds industry norms and client expectations. We will work with you to determine your specific packaging and kit assembly needs and to develop a custom solution that is both practical and visually appealing for your consumers.

Why outsourcing your product rework and kit assembly makes sense?

It makes great business sense to outsource the parts of your business that are not the core function of your staff. Our array of packaging services mean that you will always have the expertise of people who have been there and done that before in the packaging circles. We can advise you of packaging trends and the latest technologies that may be able to assist your project and set you apart from the competitors.

There are a number of reasons why you may be considering outsourcing your packaging needs;

  • Packaging is not your core business and your teams time is better spent elsewhere
  • It’s a promotional run and you don’t want to disrupt your existing lines
  • Your business has grown to the point where you need to offload the more routine tasks
  • This is a new line and you want to be flexible and quick to market without disrupting your existing business
  • You just don’t have the internal expertise – your talents are better spent on growing your business

Whatever the reason your looking to outsource, we’re here to help because packaging is our core business.

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Raw product arrives at our factory

We assemble the kits

We pack the kits

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Here's what our customers say

Its been a fantastic journey partnering with such a positive, reliable, professional and hard working organisation - Hoxtons continue to deliver world class services with a can do attitude and hard working teams to match. Highly recommend Hoxtons Industries to any business/customer
Vesna D
Vesna D
06:15 26 Oct 19
The team at Hoxton did a fantastic job kitting our trial packs and I highly recommend their services. The friendly staff make the experience enjoyable as well. We'll definitely use them again!
Richard Sexton
Richard Sexton
03:47 22 Oct 19
Very friendly staff, best time to go is early morning
Becka Ormston
Becka Ormston
00:02 13 Aug 19
Great service, friendly professional management, great quality. Recommend this organisation
Laurie Vanderlaan
Laurie Vanderlaan
21:38 22 Oct 19
Great operators and a strong social cause and message behind it. Would strongly recommend.
Stewart Webb
Stewart Webb
00:26 16 Aug 19
Convenience you don't have to spend time putting each individual item in machine just pour your bags of recycling in couple minutes later it's all done
Shane Skilbeck
Shane Skilbeck
07:37 13 Aug 19
Great company that always delivers on time and in full. Socially and environmental sound. This organisation employees people with barriers and disabilities and has been doing so for over 50 yers in the South West of Sydney.
Zeina Boutros
Zeina Boutros
02:28 22 Oct 19
Great timely completion of an assembly job.
Lolliland Inc.
Lolliland Inc.
03:57 22 Oct 19
Fast and friendly service.
Tara Thomas-Peters
Tara Thomas-Peters
00:46 07 Jul 19
What an amazing facility…. Drive through service with a smile. Best of all, they pay cash instantly, its fast and they are Hoxton Industries. Supporting people with disabilities since 1969.
Zeina Boutros
Zeina Boutros
01:36 14 Aug 19
They even take e-waste!!!! What an amazing facility…. . Best of all, they pay cash instantly, its fast and they are Hoxton Industries. Supporting people with disabilities since 1969.
Zeina Boutros
Zeina Boutros
01:38 14 Aug 19
Great service and they looked after at each stage
Martin Talacko
Martin Talacko
04:50 24 Oct 19
Great company and great people to work with, I highly recommend them.
Peter Hatzisavvas
Peter Hatzisavvas
20:26 23 Oct 19

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