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We create jobs for people facing barriers to mainstream employment

"I used to be quiet and never spoke. I now go out places and now I’m a lot more confident. This place has saved my life. I’ve learnt things at work that help me at home as well like cooking and cleaning."

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At Hoxton, success is measured by the impact we have on the lives of our employees. Providing disability employment is what we are passionate about. 

Hence over the past 50 years we’ve learned that participating in work transforms lives in ways people don’t expect.

We have a workforce filled with happy, proud, confident and productive people. They give their best because they know that’s appreciated.

At Hoxton everyone is welcome.

Employment Conditions

Hoxton is passionate about providing disability employment. First of all we want everyone to be happy in our work places while feeling like valued members of our community. 

Jobs can be full-time or part-time in our sites at Ingleburn, West Hoxton and Villawood.

Our hours are Monday to Friday 8:00am—3:40pm.

Employees are paid an hourly rate linked to an Award, so determined through individual productivity-based wage assessments.

Everyone receives typical workplace entitlements including sick leave, holidays and superannuation because those things are important. 

Even more, we have a Rostered Day Off (RDO) once a month as well as an active social club.

All our sites are accessible by public transport.

Employment Criteria

There are some basic requirements if you want to be employed at Hoxton. You must be:
  • Receiving a Disability Support Pension, and
  • Eligible for National Disability Insurance Scheme funding, and
  • Motivated towards getting and keeping a job, and
  • 16 years or over.


“It’s given me something to do so that I won’t be bored. I’ve been able to get certificates for good work and I get along well with my supervisors.”

So if you are looking for employment for people with disabilities – visit our facebook page to see what’s happening at Hoxton or contact us to arrange a visit.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services and the NDIS. 

Here’s what our employees and their families say about Hoxton

“I’ve made lots of friends. I’ve also now got money to do things that I couldn’t before. I’m getting to learn lots of new things too.”
“If I didn’t work here I’d have to stay home all the time, I hate staying home all alone. I have met good friends and get to talk to people. Without a job I wouldn’t have enough money to do the things I like to do.”
“I’ve been able to learn new jobs, been involved with committees, become a quality checker. I’m now able to go to social outings but if I wasn’t working I’d be home alone.”
“I’ve met new friends. I enjoy the social outings. I’m able to buy things I didn’t have before because I get paid. The jobs are really interesting and I’m learning new skills.”

“I like doing all different jobs, some are easy and some are hard. I have lots of friends and the staff are nice.”
“If I didn’t work I wouldn’t get paid. I’m waiting on a new chair and the money I get from work goes towards what I want on my chair that isn’t funded. I have made good friends here and I get on well with the supervisors.”
(former employee)
“People with disabilities don’t get accepted in a lot of workplaces but here they are accepted and appreciated by the supervisors. We make a lot of friends here, in the outside world we are seen as different but here they are seen as people not disabilities. I like working at Hoxton because it’s a safe environment. The people and supervisors are so friendly, lovely training officer and boss who understands us and isn’t hard on us but if we do something wrong they will come down on us.”
Lauren’s Mum
“Since Lauren has been working at Hoxton I have found that she is a lot more confident and is not worried about voicing her opinions anymore. She is also showing a much more mature attitude and doesn’t react to situations as quickly. She now has a good network of friends and she looks forward to going on the social outings that are held through work.”
Ryan’s Aunt

When Ryan joined Hoxton Industries in January 2014 my first impression of the workplace was “wow” as it was clear that Hoxton was run very professionally and that it was more than just a place of employment – it was a hub where relationships are built and friendships are formed.

It was clear from the outset that Ryan would thrive here. He has developed skills he didn’t even know he had – work wise, emotionally and socially.
Ryan is supported in doing something different every day, expanding his skills and giving him the courage to continue to develop.

His confidence has increased immensely – and the knowledge that he is contributing to the workforce, home and the community gives him a sense of pride in himself he didn’t previously have. Ryan is a changed person since starting at Hoxton. Because of all the help and support he receives, he is happier, healthier and more confident than we ever thought possible. 

Hoxton has given him the sense of responsibility and dedication required to hold down a job – and he has forged new friendships which enrich his life.

He can’t wait to go to work every day because he just loves it! Every day is a great day for Ryan at Hoxton Industries!

Here's what our customers say

Convenience you don't have to spend time putting each individual item in machine just pour your bags of recycling in couple minutes later it's all done
Shane Skilbeck
Shane Skilbeck
07:37 13 Aug 19
Its been a fantastic journey partnering with such a positive, reliable, professional and hard working organisation - Hoxtons continue to deliver world class services with a can do attitude and hard working teams to match. Highly recommend Hoxtons Industries to any business/customer
Vesna D
Vesna D
06:15 26 Oct 19
Very friendly staff, best time to go is early morning
Becka Ormston
Becka Ormston
00:02 13 Aug 19
The people who work here are very helpful.So much easier than the hole in the wall return centres although I won't drive all the way there for only 1or2 bags.
23:00 04 Mar 20
Great service, friendly professional management, great quality. Recommend this organisation
Laurie Vanderlaan
Laurie Vanderlaan
21:38 22 Oct 19
The team at Hoxton did a fantastic job kitting our trial packs and I highly recommend their services. The friendly staff make the experience enjoyable as well. We'll definitely use them again!
Richard Sexton
Richard Sexton
03:47 22 Oct 19
Very good and fast Thank you
Homa Shojaie
Homa Shojaie
13:00 07 May 20
It's a really great place and great customer service experience as well.
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson
08:39 16 Jul 20
Great operators and a strong social cause and message behind it. Would strongly recommend.
Stewart Webb
Stewart Webb
00:26 16 Aug 19
Great timely completion of an assembly job.
Lolliland Inc.
Lolliland Inc.
03:57 22 Oct 19
Extremely professional organisation. We have been using their services for well over 10 years. They always strive to exceed customer expectations, provide prompt service and their work output is of the highest quality.
Tesuco AU
Tesuco AU
22:34 20 Nov 19
Great, drive in unload the bags, very friendly and helpful staff, easy
19:15 12 Nov 19
Awesome 👍 fast good customer service 👍
Roberto Cirignano
Roberto Cirignano
05:13 22 Jun 20
Great company that always delivers on time and in full. Socially and environmental sound. This organisation employees people with barriers and disabilities and has been doing so for over 50 yers in the South West of Sydney.
Zeina Boutros
Zeina Boutros
02:28 22 Oct 19
Great service and they looked after at each stage
Martin Talacko
Martin Talacko
04:50 24 Oct 19
Went there early morning, no que, very quick, staff are very friendly and helpful, highly recommended.But if you go at busy time, it can take ages.
Pookie Pookie
Pookie Pookie
21:51 29 Jan 20
First time i been there . Drive in unload into round turntable . Great if you have over 100 or more very fast Best Get there when they open I droped of 260 bottles
Scott Holden
Scott Holden
22:44 03 Jan 20
It’s fast ,everyone is very friendly and you get cash when it’s all done
Pamela Hoile
Pamela Hoile
08:24 28 Jan 20
They even take e-waste!!!! What an amazing facility…. . Best of all, they pay cash instantly, its fast and they are Hoxton Industries. Supporting people with disabilities since 1969.
Zeina Boutros
Zeina Boutros
01:38 14 Aug 19
Great company and great people to work with, I highly recommend them.
Peter Hatzisavvas
Peter Hatzisavvas
20:26 23 Oct 19
Fast and friendly people, recycle your bottles, cans, plastic bottles and e waste all in one place, what a winner.
Mark Craig
Mark Craig
01:34 17 Apr 20
What an amazing facility…. Drive through service with a smile. Best of all, they pay cash instantly, its fast and they are Hoxton Industries. Supporting people with disabilities since 1969.
Zeina Boutros
Zeina Boutros
01:36 14 Aug 19
Fast and friendly service.
Tara Thomas-Peters
Tara Thomas-Peters
00:46 07 Jul 19
So easy
Andrew Paasila
Andrew Paasila
05:43 14 Jan 20

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